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_ Yo-Yo Bearing Maintenance

A short guide to how to clean and look after your Stainless Steel ball bearing from a Yo-Yo.
You will need:
Ball bearing Yo-Yo
Lighter fluid
YoYoJam Lube (thin or thick)
Glass Jar
Pliers/bearing removal tool
Ceramic bearings should not be cleaned in the way described in the video.
Yo-Yo used in this video: Axiom & Sunset Trajectory NXG.
Please note that steps in this guide can be dangerous and that following instructions from this video are taken at your own risk. Children should enrol the help of a responsible adult. Lighter fluid is highly flammable, gives off dangerous fumes and should be disposed of carefully as it is bad for the environment.
If not followed correctly this tutorial can result in breaking the bearing or Yo-Yo.
Leipzig - 2009 Germany
  2009-12-29 02:42 3432
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