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_ Cosmic Diabolo

The Cosmic Diabolo is out of this world! It has quickly become our best selling diabolo. Constructed with a smooth stainless steel axle and sturdy rubber cups, this diabolo is built for speed and durability. Its inset cups, acorn nuts and axle weights insure excellent balance and spin. All of these elements come together for a diabolo that keeps its momentum, in a size that is ideal for multi-diabolo play.

Santa Barbara, CA - 2009 United States
  2010-01-08 02:34 4257

2_ they said...

triobolo _ 173 months
“oh it's lovely”
Simalacrum _ 174 months
What makes this diabolo so special compared to other diabolo's? As far as I can tell, pretty much any decent diabolo has a steel axel, rubber (or rubber/plastic hybrid) cups and option for weights.
is there anything particularly different about the Cosmic compared to the Circus, Taibolo, Sundia, etc?”

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