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_ Contact Juggling in Barcelona

Here's a video of me doing some contact juggling in Barcelona last week... mainly isolations and not a lot of variety but it was my first time being in front of a crowd (sort of) and got a bit stuck!

This could be considered my 1 month and 3/4 video... next time I'll put more body rolling and different tricks! I know I need a lot of improvement and practice more than I do, but this is already an important part of my life and I'm happy to share it with others! :)

Feel free to critique and advise!
Barcelona - 2010 Spain
  2010-01-29 02:58 6590

2_ they said...

ses_emily _ 126 months
“I wondered if anyone could help me. I was in Barcelona, in one of the beautiful parks, and saw some people juggling etc. Some were spinning this piece of material and passing it to each other, keeping it air-bound. What is the name of this? Thanks so much.”
MCjuggler _ 163 months
“parc guell? sometimes I practice in the parc de la ciutadella the zone of grass is big enough =D”

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