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_ Tom Hunt - Ball Manipulation Act

My new ball manipulation act. Needs tightening up, bit droppy in places, but should a lot more solid soon. Any feedback/constructive criticism welcome...
Bristol - 2010 United Kingdom
  2010-02-13 04:27 5260

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2cBeatnikk _ 167 months
“Was very impressed by this - a friend of mine has a very similar style. I think perhaps you have worked your routine to the music a bit more tho... Really great work! I look forward to seeing a tighter version.
oh and nice gymnastics!”
TheOmnipotentJuggler _ 171 months
“Your movements are so fluid! Wonderful :)”
Tom_Hunt _ 172 months
“Cheers for the feedback, yeah, some of the moves naturally fall to the rhythm, especially in that four-ball section. It'd be cool if I could get it tighter so the whole thing was perfectly in sync with the beat. Only trouble then is, if I drop (and I often do) then I'm fucked. More practice, I guess...”
pastorjack _ 172 months
“the start of the four ball section is great. it hits the beats exactly on time, which makes the pauses work a lot better. I,d love to see more like that
Tom_Hunt _ 172 months
“Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it”
Cbasstian _ 172 months
“really impressive! i love your work.”

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