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JTV says_ A wall, a sofa, some balls, and a little bit of style. Some jaded jugglers might say this is "nothing special", but a little character can go a long way. Let's wait and see where Peppy ends up....

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_ PePPy Ball Juggling

my first juggling video! im not the best juggler, but i love doing it and just havin fun :D please rate and comment, but overall just enjoy!!
Michigan - 2010 United States
  2010-04-09 02:00 6166

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weld _ 150 months
“You've got a great style, very clean juggling!”
Tucetkulí! _ 150 months
“It seems to me a bit mechanical juggling. You are juggling tricks instead of fluid stream of movements. And you using just your hands, you should juggle with legs, head and whole body if you want to juggle according to the music. Just try dance on the music first without balls.”
PePPy _ 150 months
“thanks man :) the song is "All the Right Moves" by One Republic. and i do really appreciate all the comments, they mean alot =)”
maxmaestro _ 150 months
“great juggling really good video it goes well with the music =) whats the song??”
seawan _ 150 months
“soo what if your not that good everyone caught up trying to create the newest thing its just great to have a break from all that and have some nice clean stuff for once”
Manuel _ 151 months
“Ich bin begeistert. Meine Videos sehen längst nicht so locker aus. Weiter so, und vielleicht noch ein paar mehr Videos.”
PePPy _ 151 months
“thanks for all the comments, really appreciate them :) Im not that experienced yet but I'll keep practicing and u can expect bigger and better things in the future =)”
slapcracknpopher _ 151 months
“You are so talented cous! Love it! I wanna see the one that you were talking about before with the camera above you...that'll be sa-weet! Love ya!
KnI_It _ 151 months
“nice stuff man and a great style :P”
jouzu _ 151 months
“you have the potential to become a great juggler. the video was a good entry and already shows a lot of talent! keep on :)”
bluesilver _ 151 months
“Nice Nice =)
Please more, its wonderfull”
PatrickWohlmut _ 151 months
“Nice work. Post more, please.”
PePPy _ 151 months
“thanks! will do :)”
sebastian _ 151 months
“This is the idea... keep you juggling... =)”

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