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_ Brain Training (Juggling)

Juggling feature from the BBC TV show "Bang Goes The Theory", in an episode called "Can You Train Your Brain?".
2010 United Kingdom
  2010-04-22 04:12 9602

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treywedge _ 160 months
“People's self stories make a lot of difference. As astamilio said belief is a very important factor. If it were me teaching this I would spend all my verbal effort to make her quit saying things like "I'm going to be rubbish at this" and "this is not my forte'", and eliminate that self dialog the first day. There is less "natural talent" involved in the three ball cascade than tying your shoe or riding a bicycle. I've met a 6th grade teacher who teaches all her students to juggle every year in a couple of weeks. She said apart from severely disabled students "all of them learn it." Most of the practice while thinking "I can never learn this" is wasted time.”
astamilio _ 160 months
“I am part of a group training a million people to juggle (3 ball cascade) in chicago. We have reached above one hundred thousand. I have never met anyone that I cannot teach. People have learned in under ten min. Others have taken hours. But more than any imagery or trick I can give them, belief is paramount. Like Franco said, she thinks she lacks "natural talent." Talent is the most overrated word in the world of art. 90% of people who think they are tone deaf are wrong. It is as rare as perfect pitch. Belief and work are it. "Talent" is a crutch.”
G06 _ 161 months
“Grate video for show to many people that think juggling is just other way to wast time....Well seams to be a very good way to wast time :).
Nice info thanks for sharing”
athomas24 _ 161 months
“There were four other subjects involved in this study who all practiced 30 minutes per day, five days a week for three weeks. They received weekly tutorial sessions with expert jugglers to give them guidance on technique. Only one of the four subjects really became proficient at a three ball cascade. I was also surprised by this. Although all subjects completed the same amount of practice, there was great variability in how quickly they were able to learn juggling.”
Franco187 _ 161 months
“I knew some part of her brain would grow, but I'm surprised she didn't learn at least the 3 ball cascade. I've been telling everyone I know they can learn to juggle 3 balls pretty quickly if they train properly. Was I wrong? From what we can see in the video, it seems maybe she started practicing with 3 balls way too early, without learning properly with one and two balls first. Also, she probably didn't practice half as hard as she pretends. Or maybe, like she says, some people just lack the "natural talent" for it. I hope I'm right and she's wrong.”

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