_ French Enlightment

Thoughts of french enlightenment were first step in the french revolution.
Myšlenky francouzského osvícenství byly prvním krokem k francouzské revoluci.
Prague - 2009 Czech Republic
  2010-05-17 06:16 4225

5_ they said...

Tucetkulí! _ 138 months
“TO ARTEMIS: That is exatly just black and white way how to put it. I could say au contraire Isn´t that when all surroundings countries were inspired by french nation to found the demokracy and start their way to more egalite society? You have to see both sides of the same coin. Besides this is juggling video isn´t it? So you should look for meaning connected with juggling world.”
Tucetkulí! _ 138 months
“Nous avons voyage de Barcelona a Avignon, mais les scenes sont de la ville Séte, sur la plage entre Frontognan et Montplellier, Saint-Gilles et finalmont de Avignon.”
maxmaestro _ 138 months
“c'est ou en france??”
Simalacrum _ 138 months
“Very neat stuff!”
Tucetkulí! _ 138 months
“Mermaid Included!”

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