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_Guest blogger Guy Heathcote says: The lasso/juggling section of this film actually turns out to be rare footage of one of the 'wild west' shows that were once presented by the Shufflebottom family on the fairgrounds of Great Britain. Although there were several such shows, this is thought to be the Texan Cowboys Show presented by Wally Shufflebottom, as that was the only unit that would have opened at Mitcham. It has been suggested that the performer shown is either Wally Shufflebottom, or his father.

Of course, live shows have now all-but died out on modern fairgrounds, so this is a really nice bit of history. It's thought that the showfront seen in the video was last used in the 1970s and has since rotted away in storage. For a bit more information about these shows, see page 11 of this PDF from the National Fairground Archive.

Thanks to Eugene Sloan and the Shufflebottom family for providing me with the information and, of course, to 'Trawler' for posting it in the first place.

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_ Mitcham Fair Opens

Newsreel footage on Mitcham Fair, August 1930. Features a cowboy character twirling rope and juggling knives.
  2007-06-29 00:53 6941

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GbH _ 190 months
“This features Wally Shufflebottoms Texan Cowboys show. See JTV blog for further details.”

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