_ EJCLive Juggling.tv request for translators

Void asks for help to translate juggling.tv into your language.
Email: [email protected] if you can help.
Joensuu - 2010 Finland
  2010-08-14 02:21 2555

2_ they said...

QualCon _ 157 months
“@Simalacrum: Thanks. You have email.”
Simalacrum _ 157 months
“Hi there!
Upon the request for translating, erm... well, my mother is a professional Japanese translator, but I don't think she'd do it for free... :P
I can probably help a little bit with translating, since I'm bilingual in Japanese, but I must warn you my translating will not AT ALL be up to the high-quality standards that my mother can give. However, it is free!... but will probably take about a decade or so :P
So yeah! Crappy but free me, or expensive but good mother :P”

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