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JTV says_ As a new generation of JTV is born, what better time to welcome a new generation of jugglers? Team Shreddie Crunch hit your screens in 22 fab minutes of glorious HD. Josh & Dan's synced siteswaps, Chris' 5-ball penguin cascade, and Tiff's 9-ball section are just a few of the many highlights.

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_ Team Shreddie Crunch

14 English Jugglers together in one big video

we all know JTV is the best but here are the youtube links for everyone in the video:

Alan Chung - www.youtube.com/user/eMretsiM
Alex Jones - www.youtube.com/user/efrim1
Callum Tomeny - www.youtube.com/user/calumtomeny
Chris Cabry - www.youtube.com/user/cabry12
Chris Noonan - www.youtube.com/user/ChrisN94
Dan Wood - www.youtube.com/user/danwood63
Dave Leahy - www.youtube.com/user/juggledave
David Haslam - www.youtube.com/user/juggleDude1
Jason Lu - www.youtube.com/user/Draitube
Josh Turner - www.youtube.com/user/JoshTurner52
Lewis Kennedy -www.youtube.com/user/lewisjmkennedy01
Luke Galloway - NA
Matthew Tiffany - www.youtube.com/user/juggletiff125
Zack Turner - www.youtube.com/user/ztt12
England - 2010 United Kingdom
  2010-09-10 22:17 16270

18_ they said...

FloFlow _ 148 months
“I really liked 7:43-7:46”
Grib0 _ 158 months
“but can also answer someone else”
Grib0 _ 158 months
“Ask for Lewis Kennedy. Plese where I can buy your bounce ball and where are any tutorials for learn ... Thanks for reply :o)”
3XAB _ 158 months
“what kind of balls do you guys use?”
^Tom_ _ 161 months
“Awesome. @sean_: It's one of the trees in York Cemetery, I'm pretty sure it's a beech tree, but I'll try to remember to have a look.”
peterbone _ 161 months
“Great video. My favourite trick was probably Tiff's (8x.6x)(8,6x)*”
mizujuggle _ 161 months
“wow, total madness juggling, great editing... top quality video guys, thanks that i could watch this!”
calumtomeny _ 161 months
“Well done Josh, very nice. I have great respect for everyone in this video, some really creative technical stuff!”
hexagonic _ 161 months
“amongst all the high numbered craziness, Chris Noonan stands out with some good looking style. Sweet vid guys.”
Hattyj1 _ 161 months
“Awsome !!!! i wanna see more . the tree is "copper beach" or Fagus sylvatica var 'purpurea' jim”
looby _ 161 months
“Very nice gents. Like Emman, 5 balls and a pen balance....”
JañaJuggling _ 161 months
“buen video, buenos trucos, buenisima editada!”
sean_ _ 161 months
“Anyone know whats the purple tree in the first clip?”
kennyjuggling _ 161 months
“That is one awesome juggling video I haven't seen in a while ! Has lots of cool, creative hard stuff ;) Love it !!! Can't wait for more.”
dalonia _ 161 months
“Wow ! What a wonderful video !
I loved it, the tricks, the songs, the jugglers...
22 minutes are not enough, I need more !
very good job.”
Toddyupa _ 161 months
“Zac's 3D is ownage :o amazing stuff!”
TNSv30 _ 161 months
“hell yeah! Awesome awesome awesome video!!”
Emman _ 161 months
“5 balls with a pen balance is the bomb.”

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