_ 2 handed shoot the moon yoyo trick - Luke Renner

Trick featured in the video is two handed "reach for the moon" aka "shoot for the moon". Trick tips: 1) Practice each individual hand before combining the trick. 2) Use a fixed axle. 3) There is no easy way to master this trick other than practicing everyday. Special thanks to Dale! Yo-yos used by Luke Renner are generic and cost around $1.50 for two. Filmed in Northwest New Mexico on 8/28/10 by filmmakers George Thomas and Thomas LaRue. Music by JAH ROOTS - Steppin Out Of Babylon/ Track "Ya, Ya, Yo" Creative Commons License Attribution 2.5 Generic.
Deserts of the Southwest - 2010 United States
  2010-10-26 00:56 4982

2_ they said...

Arron _ 154 months
“It's a cool trick but do it the real way... half sync style. ;)”
TLMB _ 155 months
“Respect! That's a really hard trick. Strictly speaking though, I think of that as "half-async shoot the moon", with full async being where one yo-yo starts going forwards exactly when the other starts going back.”
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