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Exquisite trailer for the new Social Siteswaps DVD, which exquisitely gives passing a kick in the fundamentals. (For its own good, you understand)

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_ Social Siteswap Trailer

Trailer for Social Siteswaps, a 3 hour educational/inspirational film about passing patterns in all shapes and sizes./nJugglers: Malte Steinmetz, Sylvain Garmavault, Pablo Medina Abellan, Annete Gliwa, Sylvain Garnavault, Frederike Gestner, Doreen Grossmann, Joelle Huguenin, Kim Huynh, Florian Marienfeld. Manuel and Christoph Mitash aka Jonglissimo, Daniel Sánchez, Daniel Sánchez, Daniel shultz, Inaki Fernandez Sastre, Lyse-Hélène Legrand,
Frida Odden, Denis Paumier, Jochen Pfeiffer,
Owen Reynolds, The Tesfamariam Brothers aka Bibi and Bichu, Jon Udry, Guy Waerenburgh, Luke Wilson
2010 select
  2010-12-06 01:28 8915

2_ they said...

Jeydiav _ 153 months
“I saw a video of minimal mill's mess on youtube of one of the jugglers appears on this video.
two videos are amazing :D”
stan _ 154 months
“I had to watch this twice ! once to enjoy the juggling and then again to enjoy all the random characters.”

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