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Extraordinarily, this video has never been featured. Lottie. 'Nuff said.

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_ Lottie Brunn - 1952

Lottie goes solo. Filmed shortly after leaving her brother Francis, this is Lottie "putting her solo act together" in 1952.
  2007-07-26 05:57 17748

4_ they said...

mentreiltempo _ 126 months
“The most beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Samoa _ 156 months
“She was my friend and we had a great time in 1973 in Puerto Rico with Jimmy Harrington's Circo Panamericano outdoor show at the ballpark.......I owned Circo Magico Loyale......Thank you so very much for this incredible piece of circus history....this is the first time I've seen her 20 years younger than when I met her.....Bless you and keep up the great job....”
TLMB _ 201 months
“The red curtain and the music make me think of Twin Peaks! Great to see this again - I'd only seen a dodgy black and white copy before. Excellent stuff.”
Offa _ 201 months
“All this in those shoes! And with nice smiling too. She is great.”

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