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Some chairing, some sharing, some cap-wearing. Malte & Nils interact!

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_ Don Texas

We spent a rainy November day with PrechacThis.org, listening to Analogik's upcoming EP "A great mix". The song is called "Don Texas" and will be released as vinyl on Jenka Music. Many Thanks to PrechacThis.org and our lovely Gandini family for getting it all started. And extra special Thanks to Analogik for letting us work with their music.
Wuppertal Germany
  2010-12-18 02:56 7046

9_ they said...

renealbert _ 94 months
“wie gut der trainingsraum plötzlich aussieht ;o)”
prsbcrich _ 95 months
“epic video, really enjoyed the show you guys did at BJC this year, definitely one of my highlights!”
zeddic23 _ 95 months
“klasse musik - grossartiger schnitt - brilliante choreographie - einfach ein schmaus fuer auge & ohr. well done guys (c:”
Thom! _ 95 months
“Beautiful! You guys sure are snappy dressers.”
javg2386 _ 95 months
Elias531 _ 95 months
“you guys are soo cool! very nice patterns!”
ShaneAndAaron _ 95 months
“Very, Very, Very cooooooooooooooooooooool.”
TLMB _ 95 months
sebastian _ 95 months
“Bravo!!!! joli!!! chapeau!!!”

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