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_ Concertino on the road

You see me, i see you, we see us... :)
planet earth - 2010 select
  2010-12-22 29:43 31936

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Grace _ 95 months
“What a lovely,warm,funny and interesting person.I had the pleasure to meet Concertina at 6am this morning when he arrived off the ferry at Dublin.we shared a coffee and a chat.I t was a pleasure to make his acquaintance,hes a ray of sunshine”
robin-findlay _ 95 months
“a truly amazing man...
We buy and sell Danish furniture and was recently in Denmark picking up goods...We had an awful week and when we met this guy-he completely changed our entire week...
We met him at the Hook ferry port in Holland,had coffee and a dam good laugh...He sure made our week a good one...
What a truly amazing guy...Lots of love from Robin and Kathryn...uk...”
Losgannn _ 161 months
“very cool! :D”
BriManeely _ 162 months
“This is so brilliant.. Thank you Gora for posting!”

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