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I've been checking this particular video out for nearly a week now, how the hell did it not occur to me (or anyone else for that matter! :P) to feature it? Full of wonderfully original tricks and flicks, this little video oozes 'coolness'. Hope that mirror didn't cost too much!

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Hey, here is our new video includ Arthur, Victor, Adrien and me. We filmed it during 5 days in Le Havre just before Christmas !
The "mirror systeme" was supposed to do differents ways of filming but that's finally only for fun :P Sorry that's really long :/
Hope you will enjoy !
  2011-01-08 10:20 6819

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ElPaki _ 146 months
“you're so creative...! awesome tricks... I am working hard on my diabolos, maybe on day (in a hundred years!!!!) I'll be as good as you are. Visit me to check up my video!”
nextinline42 _ 146 months
“contact bit in the middle with the glary's was class. so was the reeeeeaaaalllllllyyyyyy long suicide combo by arthur. greg's 2d stuff was all great, and victor's body combo in the intro part was one of my highlights. fantastic video, thanks for posting it.”

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