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The first entry in the JTV sub-contest of the IJA Video Tutorial Competition 2011 is in! So far, you and your creaky ladder are in the lead, Daniel! Contest details: http://www.juggle.org/youtubecontest/

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_ Juggling on a Balance Ladder--IJA Video Tutorial Contest 2011

This is my entry for the 2011 International Jugglers' Association Video Tutorial Contest. How to juggle on a balance ladder, with beanbags and clubs. It's long, so here is a breakdown of the contents for easy reference:

Disclaimer 0:22
Anatomy of a juggling ladder 0:33
Walking on lower rungs 0:46
Stepover 1:58
Reverse stepover 2:43
Slow motion stepover 3:27
Juggling beanbags 4:54
Juggling clubs 6:18
Falling 9:09
Scenic view and credits 9:52
2011 United States
  2011-02-09 10:31 7773

4_ they said...

dospooks _ 151 months
“Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!”
earthboundmisfits _ 151 months
“Greta film, thanks really inspired me to dust of the ladder and have another go from my last consant failiers. Hope you win, thanks again.”
dospooks _ 151 months
“Thanks, yes, the jogger was serendipitous. And as an additional bonus, my low-res camera keeps her anonymous.”
jugglingjunkie _ 151 months
“haha nice video! love the jogger at the end who stops evrything to look. what must be going thru her mind? haha keep it up there”

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