_ JoJ 03-28-2011

Co-host Steve Hogan (TheGoHeads) talking about the move from ustream to JTV for JoJ, the IJA Tutorial Contest, "Eric Bates - Cigar Boxes 9", "Joe and Wes 4", Juggling in the Olympics, and the RIT Juggle In.
  2011-03-29 01:05:41 4821

1_ they said...

JTV _ 159 months
“To answer Steve's question about iPods, the iPod file will not work on a non video-enabled iPod. To get an audio file you can play on your iPod:
Download the iPod-friendly mp4 file.
Open the file in MPEG Streamclip (www.squared5.com - free, for Mac or Windows)
Go to File-> Export Audio...
Choose Format: MP4 AAC
Click OK
This will export a .m4a audio file.
You can probably use a similar method with a different program to get an mp3, if you have an audio player that does not support acc.”

_ download it

ENCODED FILE - iPod friendly version
320x240 - 25fps - mp4 - 60.28MB
Download Count: 1940
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