_ Toni Wells

A rather unknown but talented juggler with some good head bounce tricks. Video quality is about as bad as it gets.
  2007-09-06 02:49 4167

3_ they said...

TLMB _ 133 months
“You can order a DVD of it at http://www.strandfilm.com/zdocs/bestellung.html (I don't know how much it is).”
TLMB _ 133 months
“Where do you get this information? The only thing I can think of that is anywhere near what you mention is Ernest Montego in Der Tanz des Sisyphos (The Dance of Sisyphus) http://tinyurl.com/tanzsisyphus”
peperonius _ 133 months
“hello there!!! toni wells plaied the caracter of rastelli in a movie called - the miracle of the dancing balls- or something! where can u get this movie???”

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