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Emil and Doreen show us how to park your Minis on a rooftop. (That's passing talk, y'know....)

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_ A New Ratio

Cool little passing sample of PreChac generated minis reconfigured by Emil Lamprecht and Doreen Großmann.

Shot on my roof in Santanyi, Mallorca, Spain, on a Canon 5D Mark 2.

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Four Tet
Santanyi - 2011 Spain
  2011-05-14 01:32 8957

11_ they said...

EmilLamprecht _ 155 months
“yo @terencew,
try her facebook maybe?”
terencew _ 155 months
“How can I contact Doreen? / nice video.”
EmilLamprecht _ 156 months
“Hey Everyone, thanks for your comments and I'm really glad you've enjoyed the video. The patterns in this video are as follows:
2p1133p2 (this is also in the tight shots at the beginning)
I should probably warn everyone that most of the roof top series coming out later this year is solo stuff. However, Doreen and myself will be doing workshops on this and other ambidextrous passing at EJC this year. We'll also be sure to put out some of our other creations soon. :-)
Thanks again
maurizio _ 156 months
“@arimane: be careful! throwing and catching with the same hand doesn't mean you're throwing an even pass! The equihanded passes are generated from the transformation of an even digit (augmented or not) in the original siteswap pattern. If the period of your siteswap is 2 or 6 or 10 and so on and you transform an even digit, you will get an odd equihanded pass.
We can try these patterns with balls, when we meet (tomorrow is not possible for me!), but i think they're are too hard if we want to make variations as well. Moreover, i tried some simple 2 pass passing patterns and i notice that are very difficult for me, especially if there is a classic and an equihanded pass inside.”
Arimane _ 156 months
“@maurizio: I think the first it can't be a 3p since they throw and catch with the same hand, that's why I used a 4p and had to add two 2 to the sequence. The second is definetly a 43p12, I mistaken the p position. About the third, your looks simpler, though both can be (the one I've calculated just has more pauses). Guess your is correct =)
Are we gonna try those tomorrow? =D”
maurizio _ 156 months
“in the 2) the sequence 21 that i said is not possible. maybe the pattern is 43p12”
maurizio _ 156 months
“this video is great!
@ Arimane: i think they are (but I'm not sure):
1) 22333p2
2) 4214p22
3) 2p1133p2”
Arimane _ 156 months
“Woah, can't wait for all the upcoming vids! Looks really nice.
Just, can someone tell me if the pattern are these?
1= 334p22222
javg2386 _ 156 months
CreativeClubChaos _ 156 months
“great patterns.
can't wait to see the actual video series”
hector18 _ 156 months
“super cool !!”

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