_ California

Some highlights of the 2011 Isla Vista festival and post-fest juggling in Lancaster, CA and at Vasquez Rocks. The other jugglers were Jonathan Redman, Jennifer Szabo, Beejay Joyer, Matthew Thornley, Steve (TheGoHeads), another guy who was also good at teaching that 2/3 count passing pattern, Rhonda and Will, and featuring an aggressive beast-woman who collects video of the people she follows around while needlessly and sweatily shouting "harassment".
California - 2011 United States
  2011-06-18 03:51 3453

2_ they said...

BrentFiasco _ 147 months
“Re beast woman: My best guess is that she has a very specific worldview and just didn't like that she had seen juggling (I did drop a couple). In her mind, following us to collect video "evidence" would ensure it never happened again, and our documenting this harassment was harassment in itself.”
nextinline42 _ 147 months
“beast woman is right... why was she following you guys?”

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