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_ Trouble

Thanks to Gregory for sponsoring me!
I´m 15 years old girl juggler from Czech Republic.
I had a lot of trouble with editing this video, because my computer is very slow, so its name is Trouble.
It is made of some old clips I found in my coputer.
I don´t know how to delete the DIVX logo :(
It´s nothing extra, I know:
There is a bad lighting and location.
I move a lot while juggling.
Tricks are boring and simple.
Just some basic editing...
I just want to have some video before my big summer video...
The trick you can´t see because of the sun, is 5 ball shower :D
Hope you enjoy it :)
Huštěnovice Czech Republic
  2011-07-03 03:01 4598

6_ they said...

ganny _ 150 months
“impressive ,awesome hard work.”
papapaja _ 152 months
pek _ 155 months
“Very nice.”
danda _ 155 months
“Thanks. :)
long time I wanted to make a video and when I sponsored, it is a decency. I made it on a camery from my sponsor...”
headfhox _ 155 months
“you are very very good! incredible”
moremuesli _ 155 months
“haha don't worry i think its a good video. do you have to make videos for getting sponsored? nice backcrosses and yea see you at ejc.”

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