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Dave tries to take a diabolo integral to kendama, and comes up with "Swirls".

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_ Swirls

for Bka Forum www.kendama.co.uk/forum
  2011-09-07 02:01 4612

3_ they said...

HEC_Productions _ 135 months
“Oh Lord, you gotta try that too...”
TimMoroney _ 136 months
“Ridiculously cool.”
hellester _ 136 months
“since ive never tried one, ive never really liked kendama, to be honest it looks boring to me.... but that stuff looked cool....and yes, i am well aware of my ignorance, i might get addicted to kendama as soon as i try one, just like everything else that can be manipulated in 100s of completely pointless ways, but sadly ive just never seen one in real life. Germany is deprived, is what i say!!”

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