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_ Kris Kremo at Ejc 2006

ejc 2006 in ireland!

sorry for the bad quality
thanks to kike for the video

  2011-09-24 12:21 3062

3_ they said...

Shay _ 144 months
“i uploaded this video because ive never seen this video online, and i thought about kk fans, maybe can be happy to see this act also in the bad quality. Maybe not a lot of peaple can see the ejc2006 dvd!”
bug _ 144 months
“Shaky, over-exposed, behind audience heads... why post this crappy video when there are so many good videos of KK? This act is even featured in good quality on Millstreet DVD!”
BrentFiasco _ 144 months
“Thanks for reminding us how much Kremo RULES. and good time- 12:21 is a number revered by some. Too bad about that light though.”

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