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Ball juggling as a teamsport
vienna Austria
  2011-11-17 04:10 4098

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filzi _ 148 months
“Teams of 2. Your not allowed to:
juggle more than 10 times
throw the Jollyball downwards
touch the net
make more than 2 passes
walk while juggling
kick the jollyball over the net with other parts than legs or feet
throw the jollyball if one of your other balls hat hit the ground
juggle columns (balls have to be thrown from one hand to the other)
hope this helps”
dw _ 148 months
“Are there any specific rules for Jollyball that one couldn't figure out just from watching this video? Especially as far as legal throws, number of passes, or technicalities on drops go? I'd definitely like to try playing.”
Ryazz02 _ 148 months
“This is a wicked game, I would be wicked at this for sure ;)”

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