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_ Introduction to the Wally-Walk

The Wally-Walk was created by the juggling group, Manic Expressions, who came from our home, Appalachian State, and won the national team passing championship in 1987 (somewhere around there). In honor of them and the great juggling history here in Boone, NC we have brought back the Wally-Walk. Enjoy and share!
Boone NC - 2011 United States
  2011-12-02 02:34 5536

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javg2386 _ 147 months
“Thanks for your comment I try the Wally walk variations with my friends but I don't understand very good the video you can make tutorials please ?”
VolcanoBrian _ 149 months
“Hi Wally, Thanks so much for stopping in and checking out the video. I hope there weren't too many inaccuracies in the description as that was the history I was able to piece together from conversations with other jugglers and obscure websites. The juggling group came together about this time last year, but there have been folks juggling in town and randomly on campus since I got here 5 years ago. I know our group is going to groundhog's day in Atlanta and Fool's fest in Tallahassee and perhaps IJA. My summers are full of field work (as you saw in the other video). Hopefully, we'll have a chance to see you there. Thanks for planting the juggling seed at Appstate =)”
wnlong3 _ 149 months
“Gentlemen! This is beautiful, very smooth. It is obvious that you all three value equitable development (each person can do all parts of the pattern), with each of you willing to sacrifice and permit your partners to practice a high repetition of the throws, which is essential to being able to develop consistently smooth passes. Fine work, Dudes! It is beautiful to watch you juggle. Please post more juggling videos. If you are in Winston-Salem (IJA this summer right? Maybe Greensboro?), I may see you with a group of jugglers from my seminary here at Southeastern, Wake Forest, NC, above Raleigh. I have not started a class yet, but offered to teach a juggling class through the Ledford Center, where we have our physical education facilities. Right now, it is unclear whether I can muster sufficient interest among seminarians to get into club passing. Another alternative is that I may teach a Duke, 22 miles West of here, and bring a group. I taught there in 1990, when I was delivering pizza here at Wake Forest.
Walter Nathaniel Long III (AKA "Wally")
P.S. I had no idea who revived the juggling club there at ASU. I thought it collapsed into oblivion after we left. It is pleasing to see you guys passing now perhaps more smoothly than we ever did, or at least in an inimitably different manner. Each juggling group has its characteristic own manner of juggling, even when doing the very same patterns. That is one redeeming beauty of juggling that never collapses into (is entirely lost in) the competitiveness of competitions.”
javg2386 _ 150 months
cerna _ 150 months
“excelente lo descargare :D”

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