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_ Laura Bosken- Ball Juggling

My first official exclusive juggling.tv video because we all know how youtube can be./nWell, this was supposed to be more of a practice video to showcase what I've been working on etc. There are a few fun clips though. I didn't get a chance to get as many cool shots as I wanted but the focus was supposed to be on the juggling more for this one anyways. Lots of penguin tricks (big surprise). I might start working on other 3 ball stuff for a while since change is sometimes a good thing... or so I've heard. So yeah, any advice, trick requests and whatnot are always welcome.
Ohio - 2011 United States
  2011-12-19 05:14 4415

4_ they said...

headfhox _ 149 months
“Nice 4 ball penguins. Never had seen this before 3:35, awesome. try to work on 5 ball siteswaps (744, 753, (6x,4), 66661) and you'll end up to do stuff like 744 with the 4's in penguins. I really enjoyed the video :)
Check out my videos if you dont have things to do. peace”
TLMB _ 149 months
“Nice stuff.”
BrentFiasco _ 149 months
“Super cool! Juggling, Camera, (lack of) Attitude. Super cool.”
Sabmazi _ 149 months
“Great Video! A view really interesting shots and I love penguin catches ;-)!”

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