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Jtv says_ The much-maligned Paul Daniels should be held in higher esteem, amongst jugglers, at least, since his TV show brought many great juggling acts to a far wider audience. Here is the wonderfully daft Mr Frank Olivier. "Wow!"

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_ Frank Olivier

Frank Olivier's comedy juggling on the Paul Daniels show.
United Kingdom
  2007-11-13 11:52 19359

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SilentOne _ 179 months
“Never saw this before, but it was bloody marvelous.
I should facebook it and digg it and twitter it as well apparently.”
Robin _ 186 months
“I remember this airing too... One of the performers that really made me want to be a juggler. Love it!”
Edvenchers _ 197 months
“"I almost dropped!" and "Would you like to see that again?" are my favorite lines. ”
LP _ 198 months
“Yay! I remember this being transmitted, the way he treats Paul at the end is marvellous!”

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