JTV is 10
JTV is 10

THE COMPETITION IS OVER. Thank you for all your uploads/entries.


Wow, a whole decade of YOUR awesome juggling videos on JTV. THANK YOU!

To say thank you even more, we’re holding a competition that lasts for a whole year. ANY video uploaded to JTV between 9th April 2017 & 8th April 2018 will be entered into the competition.

We have two judges with over 60 years experience of juggling & skills between them - but we’re not saying who!
Videos will be judged in many different ways: on technical skill, comedy, image quality, direction, storytelling, fun. Anything which the judges feel makes your video stand out.

Videos cannot have been previously uploaded to JTV.

Prizes have been generously donated by Oddballs, who have supported JTV right from day 1.
There will be…
3 prizes of £500 store voucher from Oddballs.co.uk
1 prize of £1000 store voucher from Oddballs.co.uk
Prizes will be announced in April 2018.

Go, jugglers, go - upload your videos! (And watch, rate, comment, enjoy!)

Here’s to the next 10 years. Love from the JTV crew.

_Don’t watch _ be seen!

JTV is 10
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