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I want him to perform at my weddings!

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first performance in 2012
  2012-01-15 05:12 4599

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TLMB _ 134 months
“@Grohy & @Ska_dam : You're both forgetting http://juggling.tv/6573 . And @Samuli : "wedding*S*"?!”
mizujuggle _ 134 months
“hell yeah!!!”
Ska_dam _ 134 months
“*Circle circus
Btw: Great video Juraj.. I looking forward to see you at juggling convention in Kosice!!”
Ska_dam _ 134 months
“@Grohy: That's not true,young guys from Circus circus had video on main page few weeks ago and they are from Prague.”
Grohy _ 134 months
“Oh Yeah!!! First czech juggler on the main page!!!
Great Juraj!!!
I like you!”
BriteSparx _ 134 months
“wonderful vocabulary... but get a costume, show some character. the moments where you slip up and recover, bringing a smile and a look out to the audience brings light to the room. work with natural noise and clearer moments of stillness to define the dynamic routines you are producing. i would like to be as good as you one day. love the work”
Manuel _ 136 months
“Super. I like this art of juggling. Go on, show us more ....”

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