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_ Mills Mess Variations (IJA Tutorial Contest 2012)

Here is a tutorial on a few Mills Mess variations, for the 2012 IJA tutorial contest.
- Columned Mills
- Synced Mills
- Synced Clawed Mills
- Half Mills
- Half Synced Mills
- Half Synced Clawed Mills
- Time Reversed Mills
- Flipped Arm Mills
- Half Flipped Arm Mills
Juggling and editing by Tim Dresser.
Cinematography by Cassy Wiens.
Music by Taylor Prost, used with permission (http://soundcloud.com/crabacus).

For captions, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpsDmAFf3xM
Ontario - 2012 Canada
  2012-03-28 06:48 6122

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tdresser _ 146 months
“Thanks Steve!
You're right, the half mess is wrong. Aesthetically, I find the half synced mess the way I show it in the video more balanced, which is why I chose to demonstrate it that way. I do prefer the correct version of async half mess, but teaching both would have been a little too much I think.
I definitely didn't communicate that what I was covering was technically not a mess. Thanks for the clarification!”
SteveMills _ 146 months
“Nice job on this tutorial, I really like the flip arm mess. The half mess is incorrect as it should maintain the rules that all the balls are thrown in the reverse cascade manner, ie from the outside in. In the tutorial both the half and synchronized half mess have flaws. Just wanted to point that out:) awesome job!”

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