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Do you think kendama "isn't juggling"? Think again! Okken throws catches and clicks it hard, with style!

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_ Kendama Performance Okken

This is a performance with "Kendamas without strings".
Osaka - 2012 Japan
  2012-12-03 04:41 3324

4_ they said...

jugglerokken _ 113 months
“I'm happy to hear that. Because I want to tell everyone the pleasure of kendama!”
moremuesli _ 113 months
“no big kendama fan here but this is awesome!!”
jugglerokken _ 113 months
“Thank you for your comments. I'm enjoying "Kendamas without strings". I think it has more juggling elements than "Kendamas with strings". I hope we meet again some day somewhere, too!”
TLMB _ 113 months
“Wow, this is great, Okken! No edits and no drops, and some very hard tricks too. It was great to meet you in Osaka, I hope we meet again some day!”

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