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Peter Bone bring balance to a new level.
It is called dual or twin inverted pendulum, it seems impossible, yet he does it.
Thanks for the high-angle shot !

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_ Dual Balance

Two poles of different lengths balanced simultaneously on the head, as well as some other balancing tricks. This is know as a dual or twin inverted pendulum in control systems engineering. In the first 2 clips I use a long pole that is 4 times the length of the short pole. In the 3rd clip the long pole is only 3 times as long and is more difficult. The poles fit together in sections so that I can pack them in my bag. They're made from a cheap Argos wardrobe. The ball on the end of the long pole is mainly there to make the end more visible. I'm using rubber chair leg feet at the bottom end of the poles.
Music is 'Heartbeats' by The Knife.
Lewes - 2013 United Kingdom
  2013-09-05 01:48 7322

7_ they said...

peteraberg _ 122 months
“This is insane?! I didn't think it was possible to balance 2 objects on the same part of the body?!!! :)
Love it!”
TLMB _ 122 months
“Great work, Peter!”
jonglacryl _ 122 months
“very cool, can you give the name of music please?”
peterbone _ 122 months
“Jon, no they don't have to be an exact multiple as long as they're different lengths so that they fall at different rates. The bigger the difference, the easier it is. I've now progressed to 3 times the length, which you can see in the 3rd clip and is a lot harder. I think 2 times the length is doable but beyond that it gets exponentially harder.”
JonPeat _ 122 months
“Pete, that's incredible! Is it important for the length to be 4x the short pole ect? Do they have to be proportional?
I tried to learn it before and decided it was impossible, but my balances are nowhere near as solid as yours!
Inspiring stuff, I hope to try this again in the future now that you have proved it is possible! Cheers, Jon”
peterbone _ 122 months
“ezeeckiel. Thanks. I focus my eyes on the top of the long balance. I concentrate on both, or rather the space between the poles. I felt like I could make corrections on my first attempts and It only took a week to get over 10 seconds, but I've learnt other balancing tricks previously which would have helped.”
ezeeckiel _ 122 months
“That's a new world !
Could you tell a bit more about the practice ? What do you focus on ?”

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