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No-hole Dead Body, just one of the new clicking wonderments from Donald.

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_ The Grate Escape

"The Grate Escape" - the third and last hi-speed edit of 90 minutes worth of shots from the Fireplaces of Fife...(largely 'cause we've run out of puns...)
This time at the West End Bar and Gantry Restaurant in Pittenweem. Thanks to our host Johnny Patterson.
Music by Richard Young, who also featured on the last one.
You can also view he previous two escapades from the Fireplaces of Fife here:
Fit the First: Donald Grant - Kendama - Long Overdue
Fit the Next: Donald Grant - Kendama - Bravehearth
Pittenweem, Fife Scotland - 2013 United Kingdom
  2013-10-01 08:31 3332

3_ they said...

FINE _ 98 months
“still the best kendama guy i have ever seen”
FINE _ 109 months
“omg loved it! really!”
TLMB _ 109 months
“Nice one Donald and Pete. Loved the cheeky little trapeze mount at 1:42, the push/scooped dead body and all other dbs, the juggle-bounce-swirl combo... "and in fact most of the rest of the Guide".”

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