_ Lisa a Yo-Yo Trick - Luke Renner

Lisa A Yo-Yo Trick - A new trick for a new year created by Luke Renner and posted January 1st 2014. Routine is an original choreographed work. Two vintage 1996 Jack Russell yo-yos are used in the video. Filmed in Northwest New Mexico during the September and October of 2013. Super Slow Motion footage courtesy of Cinematographer Tyrin Kuhl.
High Deserts of the Southwest - 2014
yo-yo - 1a - trick - jojo - jo-jo - yoyo
  2014-01-01 01:17 2402

2_ they said...

stringslingernm _ 125 months
“Thanks! Dale Myrberg taught me the Bank Deposit years ago and continues to be a great mentor. I had fun working on creating a variation (plus Lisa wanted a trick named after her : ).
The audio is from an old Groucho Marx radio show that took a really long time to track down. I haven't had any luck tracking down more information on Tex or the company he represented. I have a feeling it would be Cheerio, Duncan or Royal. These were the big companies during the time of the broadcast.
Last year was a great. I spent time at a ranch in Colorado with a thrower who demonstrated with legendary Duncan Pro Barney Akers back in Detroit.”
Arron _ 125 months
“I love your variation on Bank deposit, I could never get that trick to work well, finding trousers with the right pockets is important I guess.
I love to know a little more about the audio, who was it and where did you find it?
Thanks for the videos!”
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