_ The Hopeless Throwmantics - 2014 Demo

Curt Carlyle & Thom Wall present: The Hopeless Throwmantics! - A full-length variety show that combines award-winning juggling with thought-provoking humor... all presented with an old-school Vaudeville twist./nGet ready to pick your jaw off the floor! Get set to marvel the strength of their biceps and the power of their friendship! Prepare to smile and delight at their impressive displays of stupidity and verbal acrobatics! In this full-length program, you'll see eggs juggled, shaker cups manipulated, knives thrown, and more!/nWith numerous awards from the International Jugglers' Association, several degrees from accredited universities, and a handful of tenuous life experiences, this dynamic duo is the most exciting Vaudeville revival show on the scene today./n--/nwww.thehopelessthrowmantics.com
USA - 2014 United States
  2014-02-24 02:31 2433

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