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Manipulator passing pattern for four people. The base pattern is 4 count between two jugglers. Below is the Aidan notation for the pattern.

There is one round of four count and then the pattern begins

A: ps |ss |ps |ss | Becomes juggler B
B: ps |ss |cs |ss | Becomes juggler A
M: SA-B |SB-B |IA-B |CM-N | Becomes manipulator N
N: SB-A |SA-A |SB-A |SN-B | Becomes manipulator M

"ps":= pass self
"ss":= self self
"cs":= chop self
"SA-B":= Substitute from juggler A to juggler B
"IA-B":= Intercept from juggler A to juggler B (note that at an intercept instruction the juggler that was the destination of the club and the manipulator that performed the intercept change places)
"CM-N":= Carry from manipulator M to manipulator N

Starting positions in the video:
A patterned red shirt (right)
B dress (left)
M is blue shirt (middle-right)
N plain red shirt (middle left)

Oh, and the "niiaoow" noise is a cat-plane hybrid noise, performed on the carry (optional).
York - 2014 United Kingdom
  2014-11-11 00:39 2072

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