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_ GLITCH - official trailer 2015

This is Johan Wellton's most advanced and lavish stage production ever. With special effects, natural phenomenon and the art of engineering he shoots out for a new and unexplored adventure. All inventiveness and experimental curiosity becomes the framework for a story about our dreams, hope and despair. How far are we willing to go to become loved? To understand ourselves? To find context and a meaning in life?/nSee one of the world’s best jugglers in what may be one of the most complex shows about something as simple as life itself./n“It is totally sensational, mind blowing"
- Expressen/n“Spellbinding chaos”
- Hallandsposten/n“Do not miss it, whatever you do.”
- Västerbottens-kuriren/nTour dates and more at:
http://www.johanwellton.com/en/for-arrangorer/glitch//nGLITCH was produced 2010-2014 and premiered September 2014./n© copyright Johan Wellton - all rights reserved.
On tour - 2014 Sweden
  2015-03-09 02:19 3928
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