_ Royal Abuse

The lunatics have take over.../nRoyal Kendama asked me to make a video, this is that video.
The Royal Kendama is a cheap yet high quality kendama which is durable and well balanced. Lunars and Stilts sit perfectly and with a slowly blunting spike so your birds will always stay flying. Buy a Royal today!/nBuy a Royal Kendama from:
only £11.99!/nRoyal Abuse
Dimensions (a.k.a Rob Henman)
Paul S
mreasyguy (a.k.a Adam C)
The Void
Will T
Bristol - 2015 United Kingdom
  2015-04-06 04:57 2550

_ download it

ENCODED FILE - iPod friendly version
640x360 - 25fps - mp4 - 38.12MB
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