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_ Merror - flow arts practise

When I train with mirrors, sometimes I check myself for how does it look like, searching for mistakes (errors) etc...
So I decided to use this idea of looking into mirror as an improvisation exercise and I played more with the idea of consciously comunicating with "my other self" in the mirror as it was a living being. What are you searching for when you look in the mirror?
  2015-04-27 04:29 1907

3_ they said...

ZuZ _ 108 months
“song is from LAYLA, Smokestacks, I love this song very much:) thanks:)”
Tim0 _ 108 months
“Nice video :)
I really want to know the song name! :D”
lazygomez _ 109 months
“I don't really understand the appeal of juggling, it's too fast for me I think, but slower fluid movement like this I really like.”
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