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One take, no edits. Very cool 6-ball walk around pattern.

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_ Delirus | Unique Juggling&Dancing Performance by Henrik Veres

I’m a 4th generation circus arts performer.I started juggling at age 12, my very first performance was in 2007,at age 14.
Improvements in the past few years:
I always consider my main goal to show something new, unique and special to the audience when I perform my act. I always try to improve, to get better in what I do. In the past few years, I improved my contemporary dancing skills, and learned a new style dance: dubstep. I also learned how to get better with the 7 balls, I learned to juggle 9 and 10 balls, and my main goal now is to be able to juggle with 11 balls as well.
Festivals attended:
- 1st Hungarian Circusfestival (2012 January-February), Hungarian State Circus.
- Les Feux De La Rampe Circus Festival (2012 october 10-15)
- Muscat Festival, (Oman, 2013 december)
-„Golden Trick of Kobzov”, Circus Kobzov (2014 June 26-29)
Awards won:
-The “Best Ground Act Award in England” (2009)
-Silver Award at Feux De la Rampe Festival in France (2012)
-Special price at the 1st Hungarian Circusfestival (2012)
2015 United Kingdom
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