_ trident manipulation - Chinese teenage duo

Teenage boy & girl from Chinese acrobatic troupe performing with tridents - a traditional Chinese acrobatic form. From the Chinese National troupe.
The trident heads have loose elements which make the characteristic jangling noise.
(This skill is also known as fei-cha)
  2015-09-04 04:27 2359

3_ they said...

Sampaio _ 84 months
“No man tanks to you!
She all most cry watche this video ”
bad1dobby _ 84 months
“+Sampaio Chinese video, simply called "Chinese Acrobatics". Bought by a friend visiting China.
I didn't know there was a National troupe back in the 90s, I thought all the troupes were province-based. Thanks for the info.”
Sampaio _ 84 months
“Man were did you got this video ?
This kids worked for China National acrobatic Troupe at the time they made this video.
I am a good friend whit the girl, at the time she is a grown up women, every weekend we meet and do some training and some times we performing together ass well. i have been in china training feicha for 5 years and now i work for the China National Acrobatic troupe.
Thanks for the video for shore she will love to see!”

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