_ Juggle Dream Luxor - 160 LED Hula Hoop

The Juggle Dream Luxor is simply the best and brightest hoop we have ever seen. 160 super bright RGB LEDs allow over 300 stunning functions including solid white, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan and magenta; as well as far too many changing effects to even begin to mention (all with variable speed control:). All these functions are available at the tip of your fingers, using the mini remote control and up to 16 of your favourite functions can be pre-set for instant access using the custom play list.The Luxor’s mini remote is smaller than a credit card and will easily away tuck into any costume without interfering with the hooper’s movement. Alternatively, the RF Wireless remote is effective up to 50m, so can easily be operated by someone offstage. Being wireless, rather than infra-red, no direct line of sight needed to operate this remote.The Luxor is powered by 5 mains rechargeable Lithium batteries which are equally spaced around the hoop to maintain optimum balance. Charging takes up to 6 hours and the LED
2016 United Kingdom
  2016-02-05 01:07 2522

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