_ Ugo Garrido + cross foot kick up in slow motion

a tv performance during the 60's by spanish juggler Ugo Garrido on the Ed Sullivan show. plus a close up on the cross foot kick up in slow motion
  2016-02-20 03:05 4260

3_ they said...

TLMB _ 81 months
“Well said, Jugglingdrugfree. Also, one of the hardest tricks a juggler can do is called "earning a living". Don't knock it, jstavr! :)”
“Without guys like Ignatov, Garrido, Alvarez, Biljauer there will be no Gatto, Walker, Peden and so on. Every Blast from the past videos are about memories not recent technical breakthrough. To understand the future you need to go way back in time. This motto has more meaning as you gain experience and wisedom .”
jstavr _ 81 months
“this kind of performance is degrading to our sport/art. Thank god those days are over. Yea ok, the dude has skills, but come on..today's top jugglers (ameron, wes, tony) don't need sparkling jackets to make jaws drop. Maybe they won't get in a circus act, but I think it's better this way.”

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