_ Union Jack - British Flag - Yo-Yo String Trick - Luke Renner

British Flag Yo-Yo String Trick Instructional Video demonstrated by Luke Renner. Yo-Yo used in the demo is Dale Oliver's Dragonfly a light-up and glow-in-the-dark yo-yo by Spintastics. Special thanks to Dale. Footage shot in Northwest New Mexico on 11/5/11. Trick details: The video also uses works from the public domain.
High deserts of the Southwest - 2011
  2016-06-24 01:30 3121

1_ they said...

TLMB _ 81 months
“I invented this trick! Well... I invented it for myself in the late 90s. Scottish/Jamaican Flag was around, but I thought we needed a British version. Possibly (probably?) it had been done before, but I'd not seen it books or in life. Anyway, nice tutorial - very clear.”
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