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What's the most number of balls possible to juggle? Here's a theory...

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_ The One Show - juggling maximum

A feature from BBC TV's The One Show, about the theoretical maximum number of balls that can be juggled. Featuring Laci Endresz, Alex Barron, Josh Turner & Colin Wright. 2016-10-07.
Blackpool/Leeds - 2016 United Kingdom
bbc - one - show
  2016-10-08 04:30 4084

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Tim0 _ 83 months
“This is actually really interesting! Especially the point about there being more air traffic near the top.”
TLMB _ 83 months
“@Brent Pretty sure they're using Josh as an (admittedly single) data point to extrapolate from, rather than as an absolute pinnacle. Perhaps a result with data from hundreds of different jugglers would be more convincing?”
BrentFiasco _ 83 months
“Limits? Josh Turner is pretty cool and all, but he represents a "limit" of what any human could ever do?
Also, on the hand speed test, he didn't drop for speed necessarily; but accuracy. His hands could possibly move faster than that.
The point about there being more air traffic near the top was interesting though, and I had not previously considered it.”

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