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Multiperson adventures in diabolo. Lots of fun, creative, silly, & technical tricks!

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_ Planet Diabolo Summer Session - Châteauroux July 2016

Reunion of a few Planet Diabolo artists in Châteauroux, France, July 2016 : Guillaume Karpowicz, Théo Scarito, Dekel Azulay, Gal Kuflik, Anatole Crozon, Mickaël Bellemène, Donald the Trekky, Priam Pierret, Jan von Ungern-Sternberg and Nico Pires.
Some chilling and diabolo team researches @ Equinoxe Scène Nationale (National Stage) ! Thanks to Mr and Mrs Pires for hosting us and to François Claude, director of Equinoxe.
Enjoy !/nMore info about the crew : www.planet-diabolo.com/nWe have no rights on the songs, if a producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads, please get in contact ([email protected]) and we will take the appropriate measures./nMusic : Hayden - Something About You (Odesza Remix) / B'zwax - Zilla March
  2016-10-15 07:21 3460

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TLMB _ 85 months
“Excellent. Made me smile a lot.”
Tim0 _ 85 months
“Amazing video! This seemed like a ton of fun! :D”

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