_ Mastering the Flash -- IJA Video Tutorial Contest

This video is a tutorial
esource for juggler’s interested in numbers juggling, specifically, flashing high numbers.
Please leave suggestions and comments here on the video or email them to [email protected]/nJOIN THE IJA, THEY DO AMAZING STUFF!
http://www.juggle.org//nARTICLES WORTH READING:/n“Boppo’s Number’s Notes”
http://www.juggling.org/help/essays/boppo.html/n“32 Tips on flashing high numbers”
umbers/flashing.html/n“The Human Limits”
http://www.juggling.org/papers/limits//nPROPS:/nDrop Props – Made by my friend Sarah, they are durable, light and amazing for 8-10. I use the 2.25” underfilled bags
http://www.dropprops.com//nGballz -- Gregory has always supplied me with excellent props, all have lasted many years of hard usage, well worth the cost:
Ohio - 2016 United States
  2016-12-01 13:04 4339

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