_ I Still Juggle I Swear

After all these years. Holy crap. it's been 8 YEARS since Kinetic Potential, and now, FINALLY I've gone and had the time and will to make juggling music video number 22. Good god life can suck sometimes keeping you away from doing awesome things on video for the internet heh. Though really, it's my own fault. The whole idea of the big music video series is that I would only do my absolute best tricks in them, and really only make new ones when I have a bunch of new personal bests to put in. Problem is, I hit my peak and plateaued with that 6 ring flat front qualify in the last vid, and so I feel like making another video is unjustified cause it's gonna have the same if not worse tricks in it. Welp, it's reflection of my current abilities since then, sooooo, guess it's better to showcase my decline/plateau than to be hidden forever XD
  2019-06-07 04:42 2089

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