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Jtv says_ Not a bad start to the new year at all. We had a little trip of our own to Cologne cathedral last year, and it's nice to see some of its gothic splendour incorporated into a juggling video. Oh, and this Goma fellow isn't too shabby either....

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_ Coloniæ Ecclesiæ et Goma

Club-juggling in front of the most beautiful and amazing churches of
Cologne, by one of the most incredible and talented street jugglers around.
Juan Goma from Argentinia.
Thou better remember that name!

We got:
- three to five Clubs
- beautiful shots on the impressive churches of Cologne
- long routines without cuts
- enough cuts to make and keep this movie interesting
Cologne - 2008 Germany
  2008-12-31 08:59 5418
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